Omaha 18

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Location: Virtual - Meeting ID: 777 2678 9710 Passcode: GWSr79
Day: Wednesday
Time: 11:00 am
Virtual Meeting:

Chapter Leadership Info

All Time Stats

1-to-1 523
# Referrals Sent 2328
# Referrals Received 1624
Closed Business $1,233,189

Last 90 Days

1-to-1 20
# Referrals Sent 101
# Referrals Received 29
Closed Business $5,045

Chapter Members / Industries

Andrea Booze Insurance Broker
Austin Anderson Roofing
Bill Wardell Lawncare/Landscaping
Dick Lerner Clothing
Eric Geiger Agricultural Real Estate
Mark Fredrickson Roofing
Mike Walters Construction Contractor
Rachelle DiFonzo RACHELLEDIFONZO@GMAIL.COM Event planning
Scott Wedergren Banking
Shawn M Ilg Realtor

Events Calendar

January 2021
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