Omaha 22: Money Makers

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Location: Biaggi's - 13655 California St (Virtual Available, Please Register for Link)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:00 pm

All Time Stats

1-to-1 215
# Referrals Sent 370
# Referrals Received 454
Closed Business $630,823

Last 90 Days

1-to-1 13
# Referrals Sent 40
# Referrals Received 20
Closed Business $82,101

Chapter Members / Industries

Adrian Lape-Brinkman Accountant
Alan Hauschild Financial advisor
Bill Carlson Painting Contractor
Bobbi Jo Cheek Custom Blinds / Window Coverings
Brian Harness Appraisal
Chad Reischl Website
Dylan Anson Insurance Broker
Faith Jansen Realtor
Heather Origitano Interior design
Jeff Smith Fundraising
Kara Davis Photographer
Kristy Pietro Health insurance
Monique Devillier Health and wellness
Raylyn Ramsgard Bookkeeping
Tonya Brown Bakery

Events Calendar

January 2021
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