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All Time Stats

1-to-1 5522
# Referrals Sent 9024
# Referrals Received 11542
Closed Business $7,660,853

Last 90 Days

1-to-1 112
# Referrals Sent 90
# Referrals Received 269
Closed Business $61,527

Chapter Members / Industries

Adam Thiele Health insurance
Adam Carlson Painting Contractor
Adam Carney Financial advisor
Alex Pearson DJ Services
Allisa Neu Transportation
Alyssa Kuta Business Consulting
Amie Gamboian Business Coaching
Amy Keiter Assisted Living
Amy Dahl Insurance Broker
Ann Pool Promotional Products
Anthony Rossi Bookkeeping
April Sain Auto body repair
Ashley Hinze Health and wellness
Ben Anderson IT services
Beth Sharma Non profit
Beth Backora Inventory Management Consulting
Bette Case Screen Printing
Billy Martin Software
Blair Wyrick Roofing
Bo Hansen Accountant
Bob Gevelinger Health and wellness
Brandi Hill Financial advisor
Brian Kingsolver Insurance Broker
Carol Samway Business Management Consulting
Cassie Krause Medical Practice
Chris Bober Realtor
Chris Snyder Restaurant
Conor Friis Handyman Services
Dan Kothenbeutel Roofing
Dan Nielsen Pest control
Danielle Bettmann Education
David Thompson Attorney
David Baumann Financial advisor
Deb Amburn Marketing
Dennis McClintock Roofing
Donna Aman Non profit
Donna Retherford Health and wellness
Dr. Julie Walter Eyecare
Dr. Kate Holthaus Eyecare
Dylan Javorsky P and c insurance
Edward Swanson Home improvement
Elizabeth Hallgren Medical Practice
Emily Perren P and c insurance
Eric Schnakenberg Roofing
Eric Jacobsen Health and wellness
Erin Lanza Family entertainment
Gabe Kopun Mortgage lending
Gabe Mackey Restoration
Gil Shalmon Insurance Adjusting
Guillermo Diaz Mortgage lending
Hannah Hundley Advertising/media
Heather Holland Employee Benefits
Howard Kucera Lawncare/Landscaping
Ian Kimmer Non profit
Isaac Paden Financial advisor
Jacey Baxter Roofing
Jackson Orcutt Social Media Marketing
Janet Noll Advertising/media
Janet Orcutt Marketing
Jason Rothfuss Business Coaching
Jay Kunz Painting Contractor
Jeff Helaney Health and wellness
Jeff Hoggan Entertainment / Amusement
Jen Monjaras Advertising/media
Jenna Johanek Lawncare/Landscaping
Jeremy Campbell Medical Practice
Jerod Hoesing Lawncare/Landscaping
Jesse Moore JMOORE@OMAHACHAMBER.ORG Chamber of Commerce
Jessica Boyer Beauty
JJ Kortan Construction Contractor
Joel Staley Health and wellness
John Nyberg Business Technology
Jordan Jenkins Lawncare/Landscaping
Josh Mcnew Home improvement
Julie Wyssman Home Health Care
Julius Davis Construction Contractor
Justin Rolfes Marketing
Justin Pearson Health and wellness
Kate Gallagher Property Management
Kathy Sikora Travel agent
Katie Risley Roofing
Katie DeSantis Health and wellness
Kayden Hochstein Construction Contractor
Keia Jensen Insurance Broker
Kelly Thelen Medical Practice
Kelsey Thraen Skin care
Kris Pojar Insurance Broker
Krista Jameson Education
Kristen Grote Health and wellness
Kristy Hromas Realtor
Kyle Dibbern Sports
Lacey Sukstorf Clothing
Laura Herbolsheimer Eyecare
Laura Neesen Professional organizer
Lesley Dewey Security Services
Lindsey Krenk Realtor
Linette Nelson Cleaning Products
Lisa Hukill Non profit
Lisa Powell Health and wellness
Lynette Sorrentino Business Coaching
Mari Bird Chiropractor
Mariana Nieto Professional organizer
Mark Powell Staffing
Mark Vanderheiden Physical Therapy
Mark Bush Insurance Broker
Meghan Sedlacek Marketing
Melissa French Health and wellness
Michael McKee LegalShield
Michele Magner Personal Coach
Michelle Kaiser Restaurant
Mike Joyce Non profit
Mike Sharkey Chiropractor
Mindy Duff Health and wellness
Nick Zwiebel Mortgage lending
Pamela Bell Commercial lender
Patrick Kinchler
Paula Wilcher Roofing
Philip Rich Dentistry
Phillip Doyle Chiropractor
Rachel Benson Education
Ray Griggs Photographer
Robert Bolden Personal Coach
Russell Vaughn IT services
Ryan McCoy Business Management Consulting
Ryan Asbury Roofing
Ryan Broadstone Home inspector
Ryan Steffen Fireworks
Sally Vandeberghe Custom Blinds / Window Coverings
Sara Janovich Marketing
Scott Johnson Commercial real estate
Shawn McCarville Non profit
Shelley Noecker Health and wellness
Sherri Griggs RN Health and wellness
Sherryl Longacre Realtor
Stacy Fellows Realtor
Stephanie Diaz de Leon Non profit
Stephanie Garman Accountant
Stephanie Koehler Beauty
Steve DeFalco Marketing
Ted Ryberg IT services
Theresa O'Connor Health and wellness
Tiffany Yakes-Starr Senior Living
Tim Seffron Credit Card Processing
Tim Stephens E-Commerce
Tina Kucera Health and wellness
Tom Webster Title services
Tony Schultz Education
Travis Lerdahl Lawncare/Landscaping
Travis Payne Supplemental Insurance
Tyler Rech Construction Contractor
Verrelle Gordon Sports

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