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Center Sphere is a nationwide network of business professionals who are dedicated to growing real relationships with fellow members, ultimately leading to strong referrals and closed business. We believe in the power of authentic connections and that our members should be able to build the networking experience that works for them!
At Center Sphere, we don’t tell you how to network. Instead, we provide you the platform to be able to build the networking experience that works for you and your business. As a member of The Network, you gain access to ALL benefits of membership and can pick and choose what you want to plug into, including: an independent membership, industry exclusive chapters, Center Sphere Academy, Industry Collaboratives, the Member Perks program, access to all members nationwide, unlimited one-to-one meetings, local and regional events (both live and virtual), and much more!
We don’t like to put a price tag on our members. Remember – we are RELATIONSHIP driven! However, our members find that when they invest in each other with a “give first” mentality, the return on investment for their membership is exponential.

Center Sphere is proud to offer members our EZ Pay subscription plan of only $34.95/month, making it affordable for even the smallest or newest business owner! All memberships are a 12-month commitment (it takes a while to build relationships after all!). Center Sphere also offers a one-time annual payment option. Please note – there is a one-time activation fee at registration.

When you join Center Sphere, you are a member for life! However, to keep your membership active and maintain full access to The Network, you are required to renew every 12 months.
We realize that there are many existing groups out there which are successful in their own right but may also be looking for a bigger, more robust network to plug into. No problem! We would love to have a conversation to talk through what that could look like. Contact us today at to learn more!
Our industry exclusive chapters are a great place to build deep connections with fellow members and gain real business. Our chapters meet every week (either virtual or in person) for one hour and consist of member introductions and featured speakers.
We know that our members are THE experts in their fields! We’ve created our industry collaboratives as spaces where members can come together from across to country to discuss industry trends, share ideas, overcome challenges and grow together! These groups meet virtually once a month and are available to all members.
Center Sphere has created relationships with national companies and pre-negotiated rates for our members on necessary business and personal expenses. It’s a great way to save money on expenses you already have! Learn more today at
YES! At Center Sphere, we believe your network should be as big as you want it to be. We encourage our members to reach out to each other for one-to-one conversations – it’s the best way to start building those relationships!
The Center Sphere Academy is highly accessible, engaging and challenging . . . and uniquely designed for Center Sphere members. Through the Academy, members experience powerful personal and professional development content and resources while growing their networks. Investment in Academy elevates our members, their relationships and their businesses. Learn more at today!

At Center Sphere, we encourage our members to grow their network and bring in individuals they know and trust. With our Free with Three program, for every three members someone recruits into The Network, they earn a FREE renewal!

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