Getting Prepared For My Experience

Best Practices

Set Yourself Up For Success

As with anything in life, the more prepared you are the more likely you are to encounter success. Use the tips below to help prepare for your Network experience!

1. Bring Your Confidence

There is no denying the influence someone has when they walk into the room totally confident and in control. Let this be you! You already know you’re awesome and have a rockin’ business. Now it’s time to let others know!

2. Know What You’re Going to Say

We’ve probably all been in more meaningless conversations about the weather than we care to admit. Instead of winging it, have talking points already picked out, including small talk as well as your elevator pitch.

3. Share Your Contact Info

For in-person events, be sure to have a good supply of business cards to hand out to those you connect with. Meeting virtually? No problem! Simply type your contact info into the chat bar. Make sure people know how to get a hold of you in the days to come!

4. Come Early, Stay Late

It doesn’t matter if it’s an in-person social or a virtual collaborative. The real connections are almost always made before or after the event. Use this time to get to know someone and in turn, they’ll want to know more about you!

5. The Key is in the Follow Up

Networking doesn’t end when the event is over, or at least it shouldn’t. Never underestimate the power of authentic follow up with those you connect with. Whether it’s shooting them a quick email or sending them a handwritten note, the extra effort will be noticed.

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