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Nothing is worse than having to spend ridiculous amounts on necessary business and personal expenses. Everyone wants to save a little – especially the small business owner. Luckily, Center Sphere has teamed up with a few hand-selected national brands to offer pre-negotiated rates that are exclusive to The Network!

Don’t take our word for it. Check out your own savings below!

Pre-negotiated rates exclusively for Center Sphere members!

Member Contact: Tim Seffron

[email protected]

Savings on everything from office supplies to ink and toner, plus up to 80% off print!

Member Contact: Andrew Hazen
[email protected]

Savings of up to 40% off the everyday price of laptops, desktops, and accessories!

Member Contact: Emily LaDrig
[email protected]

Receive a FREE QuickStart Program (a $99 value) and hands-on assistance to plan your text marketing!

Member Contact: Brian Mikes
[email protected]

Exclusive 10% savings on Event Vesta’s monthly or annual plans that promote your events in your local market. To learn about our innovative system, click our logo!
Member Contact: Billy Martin
[email protected]

Prescription savings up to 80% that often even beat the average copay! Sign up today!

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