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The Power of The Network

I Am Center Sphere. We Are The Network.

Our members are the reason for everything we do. It’s their stories that inspire, motivate and create more stories all over the country. And it’s those stories that drive everything we do as an organization. This isn’t just business – this is us. We are The Network.
“I have been a member of Center Sphere for 3 years. It has changed the way I do business. I have grown and learned that business is beyond a cold call or prospecting. It is building relationships and trust. Once you have those two things, the business comes. The contacts I have met in Center Sphere have become clients, friends, and advocates for my business. I can’t afford not to be in Center Sphere. Last year in 2018, I closed almost $80,000 in business from Center Sphere members, and I have been able to help them grow their business through mine! That is what it’s all about!”
Brianna Berg
Account Manager , NRG Media Local Radio
“Center Sphere is different – period. Over the last 3 years, I have been searching for a relationship-focused professional networking group and was getting ready to start one when I received an invitation that has truly changed my life. The Center Sphere members immediately became family. We have embraced each other fully which has impacted me in a way hard to describe. My LIFE has evolved. I now have “my people” who have similar values. Truly appreciate the structure of the membership and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing individuals.”
Jami Gordon
Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
“This Network has transformed my life and accelerated my growth because of the relationships I’ve built with some of you – and I can’t wait to know more of you.“
Jim Mayhew
Founder, Elevate Leadership U
“Center Sphere has been huge in finding a home where I can find people to relate with. I just feel in my space, which is invaluable because you don’t get to be around a lot of people where you can be you.”
Sajra Vunic
Regional Vice President, Primerica
“Center Sphere feels like family! By God’s grace, I was introduced to this group and honored to be a founding member of my chapter. It has been amazing to cultivate so many authentic friendships and see these connections produce business results. The sense of community and a place to live out my faith were a couple of the reasons I joined Center Sphere. Membership has provided a weekly platform to be energized by great leaders, grow personally and professionally, and to be a servant leader, in the group and community. I love that it is “want to” on my calendar and not a ‘have to,” It is a great place to invite other professionals, knowing guests will feel welcomed. Center Sphere members have a heart for doing the right thing and treating people right!”
Angie Etscheidt
Director of LIFE Admission, University of Dubuque
“I love building personal relationships with others who are in business for themselves–many of them who are solopreneurs like me–it’s SO encouraging. They encourage me and tell me that the solopreneur cycle is like that sometimes. They help me navigate those times. These are the incredible friendships I love about Center Sphere.”
Dee Selby
Owner, Downsize and Declutter
“Center Sphere is a valuable part of my business plan and the long term growth of my clientele. My chapter has helped me to build relationships with other area businesses and leaders who understand that passing qualified referral business is about understanding each other’s strengths and creating a network to support our clients, our businesses, and each other. “
Megan Gibbs
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
“I would say there are many factors that make Center Sphere great. I originally got in because I saw it as a chance to get a “leg up” on my competition and lock them out as defensive move in my business strategy. I can’t stress the importance of this because it allowed the opportunity to build relationships and trust with fellow members without having to fend off competitors. To take it to another level which I didn’t necessarily foresee, these business people, many of which I had never met before, are now not only my clients, but also some of my closest friends. And I believe that those feelings are reciprocated throughout the group. That is what makes a network in the business community. Thank you Center Sphere for facilitating this!”
Trent Linabery
Agent, Jones Insurance Agency
“Center Sphere has been a great network for our referral group to partner with. The dashboard is very user friendly and easy to navigate which helps with keeping track of each meeting and staying organized. Center Sphere helps you connect with many different people in the same town or even in different states. There are so many things about Center Sphere that make it a great network. I am so happy to be able to use all the features that come with being a member.”
Megan Backer
Banking Officer, First Bank and Trust
“I’m a relationship broker, you could say. Community is only as good as the non-profits and small businesses within it. A community can connect those non-profits and businesses with the people who appreciate this and can help them prosper. There’s credibility in a community.”
Kristin Holmes
Franchise Owner, N2 Publishing
“Center Sphere really takes networking to the next level. There are so many opportunities to network with others in Center Sphere that aren’t a part of your own group whether it be at a monthly social, an education event or just visiting another chapter. When I joined my “sphere of influence” grew exponentially. Just a few weeks ago, when I was giving my 10-minute presentation, a sub – who is in the Queue- really connected with me and now she is building a new home. Now that is the power of Center Sphere!!”
Lea Barker
Co-Owner, Hartland Homes
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