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We Give Better Together

At Center Sphere our philanthropic beliefs are simple. It is part of who we are to our core and our belief that we can make larger impact together!

Our members understand that in business it is easier to make $1 off of a million people rather than $1M off of one person. The same goes for giving! The Network proves that we can make more of an impact together when working toward the same goal.

Our main focus in giving is to keep it local and in the communities we represent. A dollar tends to go much farther when it is spent local, and we believe the same goes for raising charitable funds. Our members are encouraged to include any non-profit in their spheres and make a difference TOGETHER.

Do Non-Profits Really Need to Network?

The short answer: Yes. Non-profits, regardless of mission, region or size, rely on one key foundational piece when it comes to fundraising and building their message – relationships.

Not only does The Network provide the space for these relationships to be built, but it also is designed to assist non-profits in encountering new donor groups and discovering community needs. And above all else, The Network shows up for its non-profit members time and time again. Don’t wait – join today

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