Greater New York City Business Networking

The City That Never Sleeps

The Greater New York City Area for Center Sphere offers members a unique and engaging opportunity to develop long standing professional relationships that provide quality referrals to grow one’s business. We are not just another networking organization but rather #TheNetwork that goes beyond our personal and professional goals and reaches the community to foster the purpose of giving back. The relationships developed in Center Sphere are special and allow us as business professionals to work closely together, benefiting each of us individually.

Your Local Contact

As the owner of Cardinal Business Financing, Inc., Dan Casanta understands the importance and value of finding new customers through effective networking. Dan’s career has spanned over 3 decades in a variety of positions from sales representative to senior level management, and owner of two businesses. Dan believes that consistent, reliable and trustworthy experiences, is what separates successful companies from others.

When Dan was introduced to Center Sphere and it’s networking structure he immediately saw a new and different way of networking and wanted to implement that structure into his company’s blueprint for growth. As Area Director of Center Sphere in the Greater New York City Area, Dan is focused on sharing this networking concept and growing chapters throughout New York and Connecticut; all while giving back to the local community through Center Sphere’s philanthropic approach.

​Dan and his wife Jane and their children reside in Connecticut where they are active in community affairs.

Dan Casanta

Dan Casanta

Area Director

(203) 816-6956
[email protected]

About Membership

  • Center Sphere guarantees one industry representation per Chapter. Membership must be pre-approved.
  • Memberships are specific to each individual, not a company, and will follow you if you change jobs or companies.
  • Chapter meetings occur weekly.
  • Participation in sponsored events are available at member discounts.
  • You are allotted no more than 3 missed meetings per quarter without sending a substitute.
  • Dues are $29.95/month (one-time application fee applies).

Membership Dues

*$29.95/mo. w/12-month commitment
*$299 One-Year Membership

*All memberships have a $75 one-time application fee.


Attend a Complimentary Meeting

Expand your Sphere! Visit a Chapter meeting for Free and see what all the excitement is about.

Community Involvement

Many of our members are motivated community leaders who believe in giving back and being involved. Our events often support local non-profit organizations.

Local Partnering Organizations

  • LIBA
  • Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
  • Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • Western Douglas County Chamber of Commerce
  • Millard Business Community Foundation
  • Urbandale Chamber of Commerce
  • Gretna Chamber of Commerce

Greater New York Area Events

We guarantee that an industry is represented only once per group. Select your industry below and we’ll display groups looking for individuals like you.