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The heart of Center Sphere is relationship-building and developing strong, authentic connections. We have created an environment that fosters and cultivates real, genuine business relationships. These relationships are special and allow us as business professionals to work closely together, benefiting each of us individually.

Your Local Contact – Sioux Falls

Dixie is an insurance agent for Farmers Insurance and opened her agency in May 2019. She stays busy as a Make-A-Wish volunteer and is working towards her personal trainer certification, already being certified as a PN1 with Precision Nutrition and in Kettlebells as an SFG 1 with StrongFirst. Dixie is married with 3 children and resides in Brandon, SD.

Dixie Obbink

Dixie Obbink

Membership Coordinator

Ph. (605) 868-0257
Email: [email protected]

New Member Ambassador
Tyson Wharton is a local small business owner and independent travel advisor with Sioux Empire Travel in Sioux Falls, SD. After spending 13 years working with families and children in early childhood education as a director and leader in the field, Tyson knows what truly drives people and families, how to connect with people on a personal level and knows the grind and struggle of a small business owner. Tyson also is active in the community as the Chairman of the Board for a local non-profit called SiouxperCon, which presents South Dakota’s largest comic-con each year for charity.
Tyson’s life changed in January of 2019 when he joined his first networking group, Center Sphere. Since then, his local footprint, traffic and revenue has increased month after month. Tyson has been introduced to many in the public eye and has even added independent contractors under the Sioux Empire Travel Umbrella. He strongly believes in building authentic relationships and using those connections to lift up everyone’s businesses.
Tyson Wharton

Tyson Wharton

New Member Ambassador

Ph. (605) 261-2467
Email: [email protected]

About Membership

  • Center Sphere guarantees one industry representation per Chapter. Membership must be pre-approved.
  • Memberships are specific to each individual, not a company, and will follow you if you change jobs or companies.
  • Chapter meetings occur weekly.
  • Participation in sponsored events are available at member discounts.
  • You are allotted no more than 3 missed meetings per quarter without sending a substitute.
  • Dues are $29.95/month (one-time application fee applies).

Membership Dues

*$29.95/mo. w/12-month commitment
*$299 One-Year Membership

*All memberships have a $75 one-time application fee.


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Community Involvement

Many of our members are motivated community leaders who believe in giving back and being involved. Our events often support local non-profit organizations.