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Independent Membership

One of the biggest differences of Center Sphere is our independent membership. We realize that not every person or career allows for a weekly chapter meeting. That’s why we offer an independent membership, allowing members total access to The Network without a weekly commitment. This option is particularly great for those members who represent a niche market where there isn’t a lot of industry overlap in chapters, the service industry, and simply those who want to avoid another weekly meeting.

Weekly Chapter Meetings

Our members are not mandated to be a part of a chapter; rather, they can choose to be a part of one if they want. Our chapters are industry exclusive and meet every week for one hour. They are a great place to make deep, long-lasting relationships with other members, train them on your services/product and consistently refine your presentation skills.

Mastermind Collaboratives

Our Mastermind Collaboratives offer a space for members nationwide to come together to share industry trends, overcome challenges, create solutions and grow together. These groups are open to all members and meet virtually once a month.

Member Perks

As a CS member, you have access to pre-negotiated pricing on necessary, everyday business and personal expenses.

Private Social Media Pages

Once you join Center Sphere, members in areas with multiple chapters have access to our Members Only Facebook pages. These pages are a great platform to ask for referrals, chapter subs and promote your business.

Member Directory

As a member, you gain access to all members nationwide on Day 1. Our member directory allows you to search our members based on region, industry, chapter or organization. Trust us – you’ll never run out of people to connect with!

Virtual and In-Person Events

The Network is always finding ways for our members to connect, and now more than ever our members are connecting with each other from coast to coast. Whether in-person events are your thing or you’d rather hop on a Zoom social, we have plenty of ways to meet new and interesting professionals!

Need Help Getting Started?

No problem! We realize that with so many options, it can seem overwhelming knowing which step to take first. Our advice: Join The Network to start trying us out. You can figure out what feels right from there!
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